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Expert Design, Reverse Engineering, Laser and CMM Measurement and 3D Prototyping



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Engineered Drawings

From a thought, napkin sketches, or measuring with precision measuring equipment we can create a solid model, manufacturing drawings, parts lists and assembly drawings using the latest Solidworks Premium and AutoCAD software. We can also test the design including different material selections using Solidworks simulation. We can provide you the drawings and models in any format required including .DXF files that can be used for CNC machining and .STL files for printing. D to 3-Dimension will create a library on YOUR server or on the cloud. You own your drawings and models and our strict proprietary and confidentiality prevents us from sharing your information unless written approval is given. With our 50+ years of work in heavy industry we can also provide your company with quotes based on your drawings.

D to 3-Dimension will work with your company or any company of your choosing from start of the project to the final production at any location through any company. Using such tools as GoToMeeting, Skype, and Zoom much of the work can be done safely from a remote location.

Plant 3.jpg

Complete Plant Layouts

We can use our designed parts and assemblies or your selected equipment or CAD drawings and create complete plant layouts in which a video walk-though can then be made. Using the most up-to-date Video editing software a comprehensive, narrated and annotated video can be used to accurately describe the plant, point out any unseen collisions or problems BEFORE the construction phase begins. Because our engineers have industrial maintenance backgrounds, we can also spot repair issues such as clearances and accessibility prior to having the equipment placed.

3d Faro Arm.jpg

3D Laser and G,D, & T Verification


Using the fully portable Faro Laser Scan arm and Geomagic Design X software to accurately laser scan or ceramic touch probe any part, assembly or item. Stated accuracy is .0015” over 108 inches! Being portable allows the scan arm to be “leap frogged” to measure to any distance required. No matter the complexity or simplicity of the part we can reproduce it, modify the original design to replace missing geometry or to make it perform better, optimize the material to make it last longer and create drawings that we can also source for your parts to be made.

“As the first portable CMM arm in the market to be internationally certified to ISO 10360-12 standards, FARO has the ideal inspection tool solution, when accuracy is a must! Designed with consistency and reliability in mind, the FARO 3D measuring arm performs in a wide range of work environments including extreme temperatures, shop floors, and mobile environments.”

Rotational Picture.png

Rotational Equipment Rebuilding

With over a combined 100+ years of experience, tens of thousands of drawings (both OEM and reversed engineered), manuals, and curves in our library database, if it rotates, strokes or moves we can rebuild it.

We will provide your company a detailed strip and inspect report, tailored to your item with recommended repairs and possible upgrades. Every step of the rebuild process is documented to ensure your equipment is being rebuilt to same high quality of new or better! We fully warrantee our workmanship!

We can even remove the equipment from your facility or repair in field, balance, reinstall and laser align. From multistage horizontal split case centrifugal, vertical, ANSI, gear, screw and progressive pumps, blowers, vacuum pumps, turbines, single and multistage fans and low and high-speed gearboxes we have you covered!




From large 6” floor type horizontal milling machines to precision CNC mills and lathes and lifting capacities up to 20 tons, D to 3-Dimension can provide your company with finished and repaired parts. Welding in Mig (GMAW), Stick (SMAW), Tig (GTAW), and Spray Welding combined with use of welding manipulators to provide completely fabricated and machine parts and repairs. We can provide certified welders and have your critical items Non-Destructive Tested through Xray or simple dye penetrant tested.

Precision balancing up to G 2 specifications and field machining and millwright services 24/7/365.

From start to finish we will monitor your repairs, provide detailed strip, inspect, engineering reports, material data sheets and FEA anylsis. Our team will work with both your Engineers and Liability Engineering to provide new and repaired items, usually at a much lower cost than the OEM and a much faster turn-around.

From Concept to Completion, D to 3-Dimension has you covered!

347-B Housing in Print.jpg

3-D Printing

When it comes to product manufacturing, a good designer knows that proper design verification is crucial before investing in an expensive molding tool. 3D printing technology enables product designers to verify product prototypes before starting out on substantial manufacturing investments that can sometimes be disastrous.

Using our wide format (11.81” x 11.81” x 15.8”) 3D printer we are able to prototype your work in any scale in a variety of materials including PLA, carbon fiber, wood, PTEG, TPU, and ABS. See it before you get into cost heavy manufacturing! Want it larger than the heated build glass? We can section the model and our engineering team can add printed pins and fasteners to build it to actual size.

3D printing is quicker than conventional manufacturing including injection molds and subtractive production. From a prototype to a final product, 3D printing tests ideas and designs quickly. Traditional manufacturing methods can easily result in poor designs, and therefore poor-quality prototypes. 3D printing allows the step-by-step assembly of the object, which guarantees enhanced designs and eventually better-quality objects and designs.



347-B Rotary Valve Assembly Assy.jpg

After designing or laser measuring all the individual parts, created an actual model assembly which has all the information such as material specifications.

347-B Rotary Valve Assembly.jpg

To creating exploded assembly drawing and individual part drawings. Drawings contain all G,D, & T, mass information, weld symbols etc. to make the entire assembly.

347-B Housing in Print.jpg

Then printing scaled down parts to ensure the product would work as designed.

Pand ID.jpg

From creating simple Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams in AutoCAD

image (1).png
Plant PAPER.jpg

To making full size 3D models of the plant design including virtual walk-throughs.

Into plant layout 2D designs fully dimensioned and ready to build.

Pinion Gear.JPG

Simple part models

Press Assembly-New.jpg
Food Plant.jpg

To complex assemblies

Complete Food plants

Impeller Laser.jpg
Auger Report.jpg

Laser Scanning

Stress/Strain reports

To animated assembly procedures


A very small sampling of companies we have done work for:

Pepperidge Farms.jpg
KW Plastic.jpg


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